Cost Conscious – Profit Producing Outcomes

Clients’ feedback includes:
‘When it comes to savings the ‘Margolis Wheel’ consultant/client round chair exercise – I think that beyond increasing focus on several broader items (like sharing with people some of the investors’ expectations and other broad brush items), the exercise may well help us to reclaim about £0.5m to £1m of operating costs from our forthcoming budget. The exercise will also assist us in nailing some top line and profitability related items for the next two years’
– Henri Winand Phd, MBA – Chief Executive, Intelligent Energy

‘The ideas generated during the event will, when we implement them, achieve a significant and lasting impact on our activities and outputs – and participants have estimated they will lead to benefits worth over £500,000!.     Ian Williams’ – Director, Government Office London – Trade & Industry division

‘Using ‘The Margolis Wheel’ consultation exercise by the end of the session we had saved the university £30,000                                                                                                                                                                                          Kerstin Mussell – Staff Development Adviser, University of Bristol

Below is a copy of the actual flip chart produced by the staff of Currie & Brown – Structural Engineers of Cost Conscious & Profit Producing outcomes using the exclusive ‘Margolis Wheel’ exercise